Using Intel® OpenMP* Runtime

How do I build the runtime?

Full instructions that describe how to build the runtime are in the README file and the documentation.

What sort of performance scalability does the Intel® OpenMP* runtime demonstrate?


The Intel® OpenMP* runtime can theoretically scale linearly with an increase in cores. A dual socket quad core platform with 8 cores would allow an 8x speedup, and the Intel® OpenMP* runtime has been shown to scale at close to that level.  The more computation done in parallel in a single parallel region by the threads of a software application, the closer it can get to the theoretical limit. 

The Intel® OpenMP* runtime is used with our commercial compilers on the Intel® Xeon Phi™ coprocessor, which supports 240 hardware threads, and also on large SMP machines from vendors such as SGI* and Bull*. Testing on machines at this scale is an important part of our release qualification process.



Do I have to use Intel® compilers to compile code that uses the Intel® OpenMP* runtime?


No. The open-source Intel® OpenMP* runtime is compatible with the Intel compilers (icc and ifort on Linux*/OS X*, icl and ifort on Windows) and also with the gnu compilers (gcc and gfortran).