How is the Intel® OpenMP* runtime licensed?


The Intel® OpenMP* runtime is dual-licensed, with a commercial (COM) license as part of the Intel® Parallel Studio XE Suite products, and a BSD open source (OSS) license. 

What is dual-licensing?


Wikipedia has a full article on this subject at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dual_license that you should consult.

Why does the Intel® OpenMP* runtime use dual-licensing?


Some users of the Intel® OpenMP* runtime want or require a COM license, and do not want to build the runtime from source code, while on the other hand providing source code access allows other projects to benefit.

Who are these users and why might they require this license type?


  • Commercial customers often want or require certain aspects particular to the COM license type. Some of these items might include guaranteed and private support services, product updates, or other provisions of a COM license. The COM license is available only for those versions of the Intel® OpenMP* runtime that have validated and supported binaries for a limited number of platforms. This means that those versions are the most stable and most tested releases. In conjunction with each COM release of the Intel® OpenMP* runtime.
  • Some other Intel software products (e.g. Intel® Parallel Studio XE Suites) are used by COM users of the Intel® OpenMP* runtime. Some of those products include COM licenses for the Intel® OpenMP* runtime and therefore many users of the Intel® OpenMP* runtime are most comfortable using the version of the Intel® OpenMP* runtime they acquired through a COM product bundle.
What is the COM license?


The commercial license for Intel® software can be found at http://software.intel.com/en-us/articles/end-user-license-agreement; when reading that license it is useful to know that the OpenMP* runtime library (libiomp5.so) is listed in the credist.txt and fredist.txt files, so is  ‘Redistributable’.

What is the OSS license and what does it offer?


The Intel® OpenMP* runtime source code is available under a BSD-based open source (OSS) license.  Please check the license text for authoritative details of its terms.